River of Life Christian Center

RLCS Educational Philosophy

At RLCS, our educational philosophy is based on three principles:  

                     1) God is at the center of education.

                     2) Individual learning  

                     3) Small classrooms.

1) God is at the center of education:  

Proverbs 9:10 tells us that "The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.  At RLCS, it is our goal that in every subject we teach, in every class we have, and in every activity we sponsor that your student will grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ.  Our curriculum is designed to help your student achieve academic excellence with a biblical foundation.  

2) Individual Learning:  

Thankfully, God has made everyone wonderfully unique.  At RLCS, we try to meet each student’s needs at the individual level.  It is our desire to enhance your student's academic strengths and improve their weaknesses.  Every student from 4th to 12th grade is tested when they enter RLCS.   From those tests, an individualized learning program is assigned specifically to them.  

3) Small Classrooms:  

Everyone knows that a positive teacher to student ratio is a significant key in helping your student succeed academically. At RLCS, we make it a priority. Your student's classroom will not exceed the one teacher for fifteen students ratio.  If the classroom grows, we add more teachers.  




At RLCS, we use two curriculums. If your student is in K4-3rd grade, we use A Beka Book curriculum.   We feel A Beka Book Curriculum is the best early learning curriculum available.  It is an excellent blend of Biblical principles,  proven learning theories, and practical applications that lead to a solid educational foundation.

For students in the 4th through 12th grades, we use Alpha Omega’s Ignitia program.  This exciting interactive online computer based program combines audio clips, video clips, learning games, timelines, reading, challenging questions, and many more tools to aid your student in his or her learning.  In addition, there is always a teacher nearby to assist your student in their learning and work progress.